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Whether it's your next challenge or dream job, well help you land it.

Aspiration Assessment

We’ll find out what it is you're really seeking so that we can match you to the ideal employer and help you achieve both your personal aspirations and career ambitions.

CV Improvements

We'll analyse your education and employment history with you, and suggest helpful improvements to your CV to make you stand out to potential employers.

Promoting You

We’ll devise a tailored plan for marketing you as a candidate, being sure to use the most appropriate channels to get you noticed and boost your chances of interview.

Interview Coaching

We'll coach you through the interview process so that you can smash it! This includes advice on what to wear, how to answer difficult questions, and how you can interview the employer.

Post-Interview Debrief

After each interview, we'll be at the end of the phone for a debrief to get a sense of how you think it all went and to run through any learning points that might be valuable to you next time around.

Employer Feedback

We'll follow-up with each employer you interview with to obtain any relevant feedback and, wherever possible, to 'sell you in' and help maximise your chances of successfully landing your dream job.

Our Promise

We're not happy until you're settled in a brilliant job that we've placed you into. Which is why we'll keep in touch during the first month to make sure all is well.

Take Your Career To The Next Level.

When you've got us in your corner at Seekly, it's like being a rock star and having your own agent out there booking stadium gigs for you. And who wouldn't want to feel that special?

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Share some Seekly love on social!