Get to know us.

Whether you're a candidate in the market for a career move or a company with a vacancy to fill, we're on your team.

Seekly was co-created by seasoned recruiter, David, and stakeholder engagement, PR and marketing expert Lee. Together, they created something really quite special, a recruitment agency like no other.

We do everything a bit differently. If it helps to find a great candidate for a role, we'll get on the train every day and hand out flyers to commuters, or host pop-up recruitment events in coffee shops. Yes, it may all sound a bit 'old school' but it works (did you know that 82% of job seekers said they want companies to use more unorthodox recruitment methods in a recent survey?)

And that's our promise to you: of course, we'll do all the stuff that regular recruitment agencies will do, but we'll go above and beyond because we love placing brilliant people in brilliant jobs.

Our Process

Seekly works a lot differently to most recruitment agencies. It's not just about hawking CVs around or blasting out unsolicited mailers.

We start by getting an in depth understanding of what our candidates and clients really want, which helps us to ensure a better fit. This means digging deeper into personalities and cultures.

Then we figure out where to find people and opportunities that we can match, and embark on clever campaigns that showcase candidates to employers and vice versa.

Our mission

Here at Seekly, we're growing a fun and profitable recruitment business that helps people and businesses unlock their true potential. That's our mission, can we help you achieve yours?

Let's work together

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