Placing brilliant people in brilliant jobs

Seekly is a disruptive recruitment agency.


How we help

We have a team of specialists and trusted associates that thrive on placing brilliant people in brilliant jobs.

At we know how to harness the power of the internet and social media

Online and Social First

We harness the power of the internet and social media to surface candidates and opportunities.

At we have large networks of B2B contacts we can exploit.

Leveraged Networks

We leverage our extensive B2B networks of contacts to find employers with vacancies. 

At we know how to do sophisticated, guerrilla marketing

Sophisticated Marketing

We use guerilla maketing tactics to get candidates and employers noticed by each other.

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Redefining recruitment.

Traditional models of recruitment just don't work any more. It's partly why 41% of companies with vacancies reported finding it difficult to fill these posts as recently as the Spring of 2019 according to the latest CIPD/Adecco Labour Market Outlook.

Here at Seekly, we do things a bit differently (actually, quite a lot differently). We harness the power of social media, leverage our extensive business networks, and blend all this with guerrilla marketing that helps us find and get high-calibre candidates noticed, whilst surfacing new openings before anyone else knows about them. 


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